We’re thrilled to present you “fast paced punk-rock quintet” Satanic Surfers from Sweden! Without doubt you know at least one of their punk rock classic albums “Skate To Hell”, “Hero Of Our Time” or “666 Moter In”. After more than 12 years since their last release, they’re back to record a new album.
The guys picked their hilarious name for it’s references to two of their biggest influences; Misfits and the Hard-Ons – Official. ‘Satanic’ is for Glenn Danzig of course, and ‘Surfers’ to pay tribute to the HARD-ONS old school surf-punk attitude.
The band was originally founded by Rodrigo and Rik in high school back in ’89. Their songs go from more easy going fun – oriented lyrics in the beginning to a more serious almost political angle later on. But musically any board rider, PC-punker or straight edge kid for that matter in the world will still be able to flip their decks, read their manifests or cook their tofu to the catchy high-quality melodic punk SATANIC SURFERS gives us!