Let’s talk about a straight up rock ‘n roll punk legend! Get ready for one of the premiere hardcore bands of Los Angeles punk scene. T.S.O.L. (Official)(True Sound of Liberty) have been around sinde 1978 and still feature original members Jack Grisham(vocals), Ron Emory(guitar) and Mike Roche (bass).

Get surprised because no T.S.O.L album is quite the same. It’s a well-blended mix of styles: deathrock, art punk, horror punk. Did you know their tune “nothing for you” was featured in the rad horror classic movie RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!?

Their latest album out on Rise Records (2017) offers pop punk and pop rock delights where they seem to be able to dream up super catchy melodies. But regardless of their evolution of sound, T.S.O.L is still punk as fuck!