The Vandals were a “barbarian” Germanic people who sacked Rome, battled the Huns and the Goths, and founded a kingdom in North Africa. STOP That sounds like an idea for a really boring movie. Orange County punk veterans THE VANDALS have better ideas for a movie “and it goes like this. It’s about a boy who got his finger caught in a bottle of Mr. Pibb…” That’s right. Get ready for the snide, terminally juvenile humor and catchy punk – pop of THE VANDALS of Orange County, California. They can be described as clear spiritual forefathers of The Offspring or Blink-182 and took their cues from early punk comedians like the Dickies and the Descendents… These punk comedians have been taken it easy lately, selecting only the “most fun” occasions to play. Personally, the singer still owns an alcohol distribution company, the guitarist still scores films and works on the children’s shows Aquabats Super Show and Yo Gaba Gaba. The bass player is still a radio host and record label owner, and the drummer is still a famous drummer (Weezer, Sting, Devo, Sublime w/ Rome). See you all at BRAKROCK ECOFEST for this satirical and mostly silly fun show!