DATE: 05/08/2017

SLEEP & HOLIDAY consist out of COACH to PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY and ACCOMODATION at Brakrock Ecofest: 

Brakrock Ecofest and Campr “Camp with locals” offer several accomodation formulas and places to stay.

FESTIVAL CAMPING: Walemstraat 90  in Duffel  

20 minutes walking distance to the festival /

Good bus connection to the festival:  line 555 Rumst – Duffel – Lier (stop Walemstraat/Lidl

SHUTTLE SERVICE (extern!): 11:30PM > 01:00PM from the camping to the festival AND 01:05AM > 02:00AM from the festival to the camping. The meeting point is at the entrance of the festival and camping.

HOSTEL: De Zandpoort Mechelen

City of Mechelen / Good bus/train connections to the festival. The last train from Duffel to Mechelen leaves at 00:52. Reduced rate for Brakrock Ecofest visitors. Mention Brakrock Ecofest in the booking and you’ll receive a special price.


All info about the  Coach ride 1.7 to Punk Rock Holiday very soon.

In just 4 years, Punk Rock Holiday has become one of the most anticipating events in Europe to those who have once experienced a different meaning of a festival. Camping in the shade of the trees, surrounded by mountains, a meditereanean climate, 2 festival owned beaches, main stage in an avenue of trees, no barricades between bands and audience and a Beach stage on a so called paradise beach should give you the impression of how amazing this festival really is. Not only the festival offers a tasty selection of amazing bands, but also the whole relaxed atmosphere on one of the most exceptional festival locations in the world makes Punk Rock Holiday an unforgettable experience.”

You can book your SLEEP & HOLIDAY here:

Festival camping

6 euro per night



Coach Punk Rock Holiday



Damage: The parking is free of charge.

Directions: go to “Walemstraat 28” and drive to the nearby parking