Friday 03/08

01:59 p.m.: Opening camping

05:30 p.m.: Doors festival + first shuttle from camping

06:00 p.m: First band

11:00 p.m.: Last tune + end sale coupons

11:20 p.m.: Closing time bar & catering

11:35 p.m: last shuttle to camping

Saturday 04/08

12:30 p.m.: Doors festival + first shuttle from camping

01:00 p.m: First band

03:30 p.m.: Start Longboard Pushrace

01:00 a.m.: Last tune + end sale coupons + end of catering

01:20 a.m.: Closing time bar

01:30 a.m: last shuttle to camping

Sunday 05/08

01:00 p.m.: Closing time camping

02:00 p.m.: Check – in Coach to Punk Rock Holiday

02:30 p.m: Departure time coach to Punk Rock Holiday


FRIDAY 03/08:  Mad Caddies – D.R.I – Authority Zero – Voodoo Glow Skulls – The Queers – Mute – Adhesive – Clowns

SATURDAY 04/08: The Vandals – Satanic Surfers – The Menzingers – The Lawrence Arms – Useless ID – T.S.O.L –  The Lillingtons – Venerea – Union13 –  Bad Cop/Bad Cop – The Bombpops – Adrenalized – March – Chaser – Buster Shuffle – Darko – Templeton Pek – Steele Justice + Little Teeth + Nothington + Days N Daze + We The Heathens + True Travellers + Reproach



LOCKERS: 150 lockers available at the entrance of the festival. The rental of a locker costs 5 euro per day. You can also charge your phone in the lockers.

PUNK ROCK MARKET: Blown away by one of the bands on stage? Support them by grabbing some cool merch in the punk rock market at the inner square of the castle ruin. Besides merchandise, a couple of distros and festival goodies can be found here too!

SANITATION: Toilets and washing points at the festival and camping.

INFODESK at the entrance: lost & found section and info about the facilities, …

FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE: Friday 03/08 and Saturday 04/08  More info SOON in the section “Sleep& Travel”.

CUP SYSTEM: We don’t like garbage at the festival and the refund system last year sucked. So we decided to go for a reusable, sustainable “Brakrock Cup” with a rad design that includes a system to lock it in @ your clothes.  This cup can be used every year and is totally yours.

FOOD & DRINKS: Without doubt, beer is the national drink in Belgium. We’re super stoked to introduce a new area dedicated to Belgian beer. Her you can relax a bit, enjoy a beer and catch a show at a new cosy stage. Cheers….schol!  There will be a diverse selection of (organic/vegetarian/vegan) food served in food trucks and catering installations.  Bon appetit!

EHBO:  Red Cross will take care of you. In case of sunshine, please bring sunscreen with you. Provide yourself with good shoes and rain wear in case of bad weather.

MONEY: you cannot pay with a bank card or creditcard at the festival. No worries. There are several cashpoints close by. (check out the plan in the section “how to get there”

PARKING: Free parking area free to use. The parking area is very close to the festival ( 5 minute walk). We recommend to use CARPOOL formula. Hit this LINK for more info.  Better is to use public transport or to get there with the bike or the longboard.

DISABLED PEOPLE:  people with a disability can hit us up at for special assistance.