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07/08 - 08/08/20 in Duffel

4 more bands added to BRAK IN WINTER


The following bands will play BRAK IN WINTER on Friday 07/08 in De Club in Mechelen:
MC KAREL: E = MC! Onconventionele pseudo-rap. Changing the game, in the worst of ways. MC Karel will join us to play a short , but really fun set!

MATRAK ATTAKK: Anarcho/crustcore anarchafeminist queerfriendly antipsychiatric Band/Collective based in Liege.

EASTWOOD is what you would call slow roasted, sea infused, melodic punk hardcore seasoned with a touch of Stubbs. Raw dynamic music charged with loads of melodies and screaming vocals. The four-piece is set to release their first vinyl, ‘The Old New’, through Ostend based label ‘Grof Zoet’ and ‘Nosebleed Records’ later on this year
HARRY GAGGER: There’s covers and classics! Harry Gagger will join us to play dutch classic songs on speed until the sun comes up.

BANDAID BRIGADE is a brand new musical project from Zach Quinn (PEARS) and Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus) intent on ripping up, setting fire to, and consigning to history the genre rulebook, with their eclectic and decade-spanning approach to songwriting!
TICKETS going out for 10 euro (all – in/no fees):https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brak-in-winter-tickets-88667586137