Useless ID

We’re super happy to add Useless ID to the Brakrock line up where they will celebrate their 25 year of existence as a punk band. Expect fast, energetic, galloping, youthful (hard core) melodic punk rock served on one of the four stages in the park next to the river and the castle ruin.

For more than two decades, Useless ID has been writing, recording and touring all over the globe. No college, no military service (nearly mandatory in Israel), no careers, just doing what they love. Doing what they felt incredibly lucky to be doing, never resting, never complacent, and never making the same album twice.

Like most bands with this type of longevity, Useless ID has seen highs and lows, luck and the total lack of it, walking hand in hand at every turn. From basements to arenas, from tour buses to long walks with gear on their backs; from producing albums in torn up studios in Israel to making albums at The Blasting Room in America, Useless ID has experienced it all. Stoked!