The Flatliners

There’s something that happens when four people have been playing music together, day in and day out, for ten years. Its strength doesn’t come from racks of guitars or bass drops, but from its sparse precision. Their career is a testament to perseverance and dedication. They hold fast to the DIY punk-rock ethos that has been at the group’s core since the beginning.
As you may know they released a new album earlier this year:
“Inviting Light is about trying to keep up with life around you but also wading through the potential bullshit of people thinking that a digital landscape is more important than their friends,” Cresswell explains. “It’s inevitable that you’re fighting for people’s attention now, whether you’re a band or an individual, and there’s not as much value placed on face-to-face human interaction as there is in elevating the profile.”
The band continues to build on the enduring connection that brought them together all those years ago, celebrating one another’s personal milestones and weathering each new experience as a unit! Again and again & again and again again!