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January 2020

[/vc_rowvzw   Rock 'n Load Concerts & Brakrock Ecofest proudly present THURSDAY 12/03/2020 @ Cinema, Aalst MARCH (nl/be - punkrock / rock 'n roll) Join us on a dark ride through March’ haunted house called DE CINEMA in Aalst, and listen to the devil on your shoulder. It’s time to shake the dust off your bones at set loose at the release party of their new album “Set Loose” (Uncle M Records) Aptly described as ‘Brody Dalle and John Coffey forming an EpiFat band’, MARCH takes bits

This info might come in handy to plan your Brakrock 2020 visit. 🎁 Our Ruinstage will be relocated and renamed into HILLSTAGE. 🎁 Acoustic sessions will take place in the Belgian Beer Bar from time to time 🎁 Brak & Skate area with mini ramp 🎁 Shuttle will run earlier and later to make sure you'll catch your run to the camping 🎁 Extend your holiday and hop on the Coach Brakrock - Punk Rock Holiday X to Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia 🎁 Possibility to pay

Rooted in Antwerp and Ghent, HETZE brings a unique mix of powerviolence and hardcore punk spitting nails about the abuse of everyday life. Get ready for this very raw, pure and punk outburst of primitive agression. Time to dance and destroy Other bands confirmed in the last week are: Hetze - Red City Radio - F.O.D - The Decline - The Real Mckenzies - The Old Wives - Venomous Pinks - DYS - Zebrahead - Adolescent