Misconduct was formed in the little Swedish town of Kristinehamn and have through the years developed their sound to a unique form of melodic hardcore punk. Through endless touring the band have managed to build up a very strong and loyal fan-base all around the globe. 


From BIf there is one sure-fire recipe for success, it’s being good at what you like to do the most. With this in mind, we have no doubt there is a lot more to come for the punk rockers in Altitude. Their infectious enthusiasm on and off stage is only matched by their musical talent, … Read more


Skatepunk/Punkrock band from Czech Republic. Formed in 2015. Melodic skate punk, delivered through a 2010s style pop punk lens. Expect melodies familiar to records like “Making Friends” channeled through an easygoing, no-frills pop punk lens of a band like Masked Intruder.

Toxic Shock

Belgian crossover thrash metal hardcore band Toxic Shock will join the party and bring you back to the vibe of the eighties Venice bands like Metallica and DRI!


Rooted in Antwerp and Ghent, HETZE brings a unique mix of powerviolence and hardcore punk spitting nails about the abuse of everyday life. Get ready for this very raw, pure and punk outburst of primitive agression. Time to dance and destroy!