Strung Out

Any melodic punk rock lover living on planet earth during the last 30 years surely knows at least one song of Strung Out. Over their 30 years existence, these Californian punks have managed to hone their melodic cocktail of metal and punk rock close to perfection. Strung out equals punk rock filled with technicality, catchy … Read more

The Adolescents

The Adolescents are a punk band hailing from Fullerton, California, United States who formed in 1980. Since their debut they have become one of the most influential punk bands of their time, providing the blueprint for skate-punk and hardcore bands in their wake from blink-182 to PennywiseThe band have released five acclaimed studio albums since … Read more

Get Dead

Yieha! San Francisco punks GET DEAD (Fat Wreck Chords) are coming to Brakrock 2022 again and they’ll sure show us how to have a good time! Instead of worrying about hypes and gimmicks this quintet was always focused on the music itself which results in honest, melancholic but ripping punk rock played with a lot … Read more


If you’re hungry for some outstanding technical skatepunk, Belvedere Band will definitely fill your needs. This Canadian band should not need any introduction since they are pretty iconic: (especially) since the release of ‘Fast Forward Eats The Tape’ (2004), this band has a special place in many punk rock loving hearts! They are known to … Read more

Direct Hit

Since 2007, the group has written and recorded four full-length albums of music ranging from vein-popping hardcore to electronic-tinged pop. The Milwaukee quartet’s third album Crown Of Nothing continues Direct Hit’s unique strain of “fuck you, get pumped” party punk they’ve been honing throughout their decade-long career. They pinball from style to style, but it … Read more