To be announced in SPRING 2022.

Circle Jerks

The Circle Jerks emerged from the punk underbelly of LA’s South Bay. In 1979, Keith Morris (Black Flag, Off!) and Greg Hedson (Bad Religion) joined forces and formed what would later become Circle Jerks, a band that would quickly become the innovators of the hardcore punk rock movement. Many bands are influenced by these punk rock legends ever since, from Butthole Surfers to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Decades later, their music continues to make an imprint on generations of diverse music fans and those who challenge the status quo.In celebration of the band’s 41th anniversary and the commemorative reissue of their celebrated landmark recordGroup Sex, Circle Jerks return to the stage for the first time in over a decade.

Sick Of It All

As torchbearers of this only true remaining worldwide musical underground, Sick Of It All is the one band upon which every fan can depend. From Iceland to Japan, from Argentina to the UK, hardcore/punk fans have remained under the commercial radar for two decades. Whether deliberately shunned or accidentally overlooked by the mainstream, these hundreds of thousands of kids live for something that cannot be fabricated or target-marketed to them: lyrics that capture their alienation, music that channels their rage, and the emotional release provided only by the most energetic and communal of live shows. This band is relentless and you can always count on them for intense live shows and powerful records’stay tuned!

Mad Caddies

During high school in California nearly two decades ago, the Mad Caddies have toured the world countless times delighting fans with their unique blend of reggae, punk, ska and pop. They’ve managed to combine a wide range of influences (Dixieland, reggae, punk, ska,…) into a collection of songs which are incredibly diverse yet still make a cohesive listen from start to finish. There’s nothing typical about Mad Caddies and that’s a good thing. It’s “just” a band that you have to check out!

No Fun At All

Formed in 1991, Sweden’s No Fun At All quickly carved out their own brand of fast,melodic hardcore/punk with their debut EP Vision (1993) and the subsequent album No Straight Angles (1994). Establishing a sound of their own and, alongside contemporaries Millencolin and Satanic Surfers, themselves as one of the biggest Swedish acts of the 90’s skatepunk scene.


Brakrock 2022 wouldn’t be Brakrock without some shredding trash tunes! We’d like to welcome crossover legends D.R.I back. They never gained a mainstream audience, but the integration of their hardcore punk roots with thrash metal influences was a stylistic catalyst for their contemporaries (like Suicidal Tendencies) alongside whom they are considered pioneers of what would later be called “Crossover Thrash.” This subgenre was also coined from their 1987 album Crossover.