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It’s time to shake the dust off your bones and listen to the devil on your shoulder and MARCH‘ latest record “Set Loose (Uncle M). Come join us on a dark ride through MARCH‘ haunted castle ruin at Brakrock. 👻👣🍻🛹🖤

Aptly described as ‘Brody Dalle and John Coffey forming an EpiFat band’, MARCH takes bits from rock and punk to give their songs a raw edge, a catchy twist and a positive message. his Dutch/Belgian quartet’s goal: making you go harder, drive faster and shake the dust off your bones, all while painting a huge smile on your face. Combining singer Fleur’s raw voice with an overload of crispy guitar riffs and a high octane rhythm section, MARCH delivers the most intense live show this side of The Bronx. With +150 shows under their belt, the formation has become a well-oiled live machine that thrives on stage.