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Get started with Brakrock Ecofest! The doors will open promptly at 05:00pm. Make sure to come early so you can stake out your spots!

Armed with a huge DIY-spirit and a first full-length, they started bulldozing the underground scene in Belgium and abroad.

aggressive and piercing hardcore mash-up touching a variety of social issues such as class struggle and immigration rights

...their hilarious teen pop and tremendous live show will instantly put a rosy film over your eyes and make you wanna sing along to all their goofy lyrics...

...To date, the band has released 4 full lengths and an assortment of splits, compilations and EPs. Their most recent release "the Fifth of Skatehoven EP" consists of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. See you definitely in the pit!

D.O.A.’s music may be called hardcore punk, but it’s so much more: it has a dash of rock and roll, ska, metal and even reggae!

While these Canadians earned their stripes with their antifascist, yet humorous skate-punk in true “ Fat Wreck Chords tradition”, they evolved to a more serious and complex hybrid of punk, metal and thrash over the years

D.I. managed to brand their own form of punk rock that enriched the Orange County Punk scene in sound and attitude.