Update 28/11/2021

Night clubs and dance halls must close. Indoor public events must be seated, according to the rules of the CST including face masks.

Outdoor public events: if organisers do not respect the social distancing rules and the 1.5 metre rule between groups, their event will be closed down. The catering terms apply.

Limit your contacts. Adjust your behaviour and be particularly careful with vulnerable people. If you do want to see each other, preferably do it outside. Use self-tests. When hosting guests at home, use a self-test and wear a face mask. This guarantees better protection. Self-tests are available at every pharmacist as well as in supermarkets. Ventilate. Ensure adequate ventilation of indoor areas. This is the healthiest option at any time, but especially in coronavirus times.

Please respect this, because it’s for your own safety and more important the safety and integrity of your fellow visitor. Thank you!

Infected No Fun At All X Satanic Surfers anniversary show – 10/12/21

Cancelled / postponed

This show is cancelled because of Covid 21 restrictions. We’re working hard to present a new alternative in 2022. Tickets remain valid for this new date / alternative. Thank you very much for your patience and comprehension friends. This isn’t easy for anybody.

Infected Dave Hause show – 28/01/2022

News coming your way

We keep you updated if this show can take place or will get postponed. Tickets remain valid in case this show will get postponed.

NOT infected SNUFF show – 11/03/2022

This will probably our First upcoming show

We can’t wait to see you back at this show!