From BIf there is one sure-fire recipe for success, it’s being good at what you like to do the most. With this in mind, we have no doubt there is a lot more to come for the punk rockers in Altitude. Their infectious enthusiasm on and off stage is only matched by their musical talent, resulting in a blend of what your favorite classic punk rock tunes would sound like if they were written today. Altitude has many strong suits, not in the least their energizing live performances driven by tight drums and catchy hooks. What sets them apart from other bands is that Altitude isn’t afraid to let other genres echo through their instantly recognizable punk rock DNA. This keeps them sounding both fresh and familiar at the same time, much like a brand new pair of the All Stars you’ve worn for the last decade. Altitude is the best anti-depressant you’ll find, and it’s prescription free. Be wary of side effects.”elgium

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