50 bands on 4 stages

There are 4 stages to discover at Brakrock 2021:
Riverstage at the borders of the river Nete
Woodstage in the park next to the castle ruin
Ruinstage in front of the castle ruin and next to our Belgian Beer Bar
Lakestage next to a fish pond

Coach to PRH

Not only this Slovenian festival offers a tasty selection of amazing bands, but also the whole relaxed atmosphere on one of the most exceptional festival locations in the world makes Punk Rock Holidayan unforgettable experience!

Brak & Skate

Are you the best skater/longboarder in town? Come and show your skills at our fun contest! Nice bonus: free drinks and prices for all contesters. Or go check out our brand new Skate On Track travel guide. Go order over HERE

Camp Brak

Camp Brak is the official campsite of Brakrock. It’s situated in the heart of the countryside and not too far from the festival ground.

Merch Castle

Blown away by one of the bands on stage? Support them by grabbing some cool merch in the punk rock market at the inner square of the castle ruin. Besides merchandise, a couple of distros and festival goodies can be found here too!


Brakrock Ecofest can be described as a summer punk rock festival with a low ecological impact.

In everything we do, we try to use reusable or recycled materials from table, to fork…that’s why we use reusable cool drink cups, food trays with a deposit system!

Food & drinks

Without doubt, beer is the national drink in Belgium. We’re super stoked to introduce a new area dedicated to Belgian beer. Her you can relax a bit, enjoy a beer and catch a show at a new cosy stage. Cheers….schol!

There’s a wide range of food available at Brakrock. There’s something for everyone. You can choose from wraps, French fries, fruit, hamburgers and plenty more besides.
Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are offered too. Most of the food at brakrock is organic.
There is also a wide range of drinks available. You can choose from organic soda’s, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian drinks, coffee and plenty more beside. Go check out our Belgian Beer Bar.