Brakrock Ecofest can be described as a summer punk rock festival with a low ecological impact. Our mission?  A green and clean festival! … so please… don’t throw your waste around and use the bins, there are plenty! … Oh… and please do use our toilets…

Big choice in organic food. All our dishes are vegetarian (some are vegan and meat). A wide range of fair trade/ bio drinks (even beer). Green. Greener. Greenest. That’s on our minds. In everything we do, we try to use reusable or recycled materials from table, to fork…that’s why we use reusable cool drink cups, food trays with a deposit system! The drinking cup can be used every year and is totally yours.

Any questions about our green thinking? Catch our ecoteam running around the festival area! They’ll cleaning like freaks!

Questions. Hit us up HERE