Info tickets

combi ticket is valid on Saturday 04/06/2022. The price of a ticket is max. 65 euro (reservation and transaction cost included). 

How will the edition of 2022 look like?

Third time’s a charm!

Purchased tickets are valid for the 2022 edition too?

2020 and 2021 Punk In Drublic tickets remain valid for 2022 of course. You don’t need to do anything for it. Hit us up at if you still have questions.

Fuck. I can’t find the fest. entrance. Where is it?

The gateway to Punk In Drublic is the main entrance of De Schorre. Please park your car or bike at the parking.

Can I pay with cash?

Payments through bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa) are accepted. You can also make mobile payments use the ‘Payconiq by Bancontact’ app. There are several ATM’s available nearby the festival grounds. Cash payments are still an option as well.

When can I get in for free?

No entrance for children > 7 years.
Children up to 12 years old get in for free if wearing hear protection & accompanied by an adult.
Full ticket fee for children from 13y – 16y, but they need to be accompanied by an adult. Or have fun and take some responsibility as a volunteer at the festival. 

Will there be luggage lockers?

Yes! If you wish to store your personal belongings securely, use our lockers! You can rent a locker for one festival day or for the entire duration of the festival. You don’t need to pay a security deposit.  You have non – stop acces to your locker and your belongings during the opening hours of the festival cleared on Saturday night, before the fest closes.

Box office hours?

The box office is situated at the festival entrance and is open during the opening hours of the festival.

Drinking cups everywhere?

You will discover a clean festival because of the food tray deposit system and reusable drinking cups with holder. The reusable drinking cups with holder are totally yours. Use them at all our shows & future festival editions. for children.

How does the deposit system work?

It’s very easy. You need to give an extra token as deposit for the food tray. Please bring the food tray back to the washing point and you’ll get your token back. The proud owner of a festival combiticket will get her/his first drinking cup for free. So please don’t lose it.
Give the empty drinking cup to the bar staff in order to get your drink. Please be aware that you need to buy a new one in case you’ve lost yours.

Can I bring my dog Bobby with me?

We love animals. So don’t bring them to the festival. Service dogs are welcome of course.

What about ear plugs?

Free ear plugs are available at the box office.

Do you serve good food?

There’s a wide range of food available at Brakrock. There’s something for everyone. You can choose from wraps, French fries, fruit, hamburgers and plenty more besides. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are offered too. There is also a wide range of drinks available. You can choose from organic soda’s, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian drinks, coffee and plenty more besides.

What about toilets and sanitation?

Toilets at the festival are free to use. Most of them are flush toilets. 

Should I bring my swimming pants?

Please don’t swim in the lakes. Fair chance you’ll meet with snapping turtles and Catfishes.

What about FIRST AID?

Red Cross or Flemish Cross will take care of you and are permanently present. Never hesitate to ask a Brakrock crew member for help. .

Should I be prepared in case of extreme weather conditions?

Yes that’s a very good idea indeed. In case of sunshine, please bring sunscreen with you. Provide yourself with good shoes and rain wear in case of bad weather. There’s also rain protection available available at the festival

Is the fest. accessible for visitors that are less mobile?

Punk In Drublic Belgium puts in a great effort to make the festival accessible to the disabled. So we have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings. There will be an alternative, accessible and less crowded entrance for visitors with a disability.  One person is allowed to accompany him/her through this entrance. Hit us up HERE if you need special assistance (questions about accessibility for wheelchairs, health issues,…).