North West London 1986, Mario’s Cafe. A waitress called Silvia with sultry Mediterranean looks, a mug of tea and a fried egg sandwich spots three herberts at the table next to her, talking about their new band. She only catches the occasional word as she reads her stars and dreams of Sicily. ‘Punk Rock… Motown… Minor Threat… Miners’ Strikes… Motörhead… DC… early Who…Two-Tone… SX200… Hey ho, let’s go…’ Snuff are born.

After a long hiatus, one of the UK’s most notable punk exports, Snuff deliver a brand new full-length which has hit the streets back in 2019! The album has twelve classic tracks with horns, hooks, and catchy melodies that exemplify just why they’ve survived for over 30 years.

Tally ho. Tally ho? Yes, tally fucking ho. Snuff is back, so watch out…