Address camping: Walemstraat 80 / Duffel 2570. The camp spot is situated 25 minutes walking distance from the railway station of Duffel and the festival.  

Address Parking:  A. Stocketlaan 122 / Duffel 2570. Free  parking to use. Park the car before heading to the camp area. o trucks or vans allowed here because of limited clear height.

Camping Brak

We offer you the possibility to camp in a cosy and familiar setting from 2′ ’till 4 August. 

Check – in: 02/08 at 02:30 pm

Shuttle service from camping to festival and back. Timetable will be available pretty soon.

Breakfast: Upon request

Facilities: Toilets, washing facility

Good to know

Rosa, the owner of the campsite  is a super cool retired lady and she expect you to be quiet after 22:00. Please be respectful for the property, nature and the neighbours. put your garbage is the trash bag you’ll get at the entrance. We advise you not to smoke at the camp area. First of all because it sucks but certainly not because of extreme weather conditions like continuous heat.

  1. Brakrock and the ones responsible are always right
  2. Treat everyone and the environment with respect
  3. Don’t do anything that may harm others
  4. Brakrock and or it’s responsables aren’t your nannies and they have no obligation to guard you or your belongings.
  5. Brakrock, it’s responsables and helpers aren’t liable for theft, pregnancy and other accidents unless they are the result of a wilfull (mis) conduct of brakrock and/or its responsables.
  6. Dangerous goods are forbidden on brakrock and its camping
  7. Brakrock has the right to deny access if a person is in possession of one of these goods
  8. Never waste a beer.
  9. Have a ball!