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Our 2021 line up is already shaping up nicely. The bands with a high visibility on this poster + the update are reconfirmed.

Update: Toxic Shock – The Real Mckenzies – Jaya The Cat – The Old Wives are confirmed too for 2021.

What about the stages?

There are 4 stages to discover at Brakrock 2021:

Riverstage at the borders of the river Nete

Woodstage in the park next to the castle ruin

Ruinstage in front of the castle ruin and next to our Belgian Beer Bar

Lakestage next to a fish pond


There will be clashes at Brakrock 2021. Bands playing on the Riverstage and Ruinstage will play at the same time.  Bands playing on the Woodstage and Lakestage will clash too. However, It’s only a 5 minute walk from one stage to another.

Meet & greets?

There will be no planned signing sessions. We want to organise this more organic and want to bring you in contact with band members in our extensive merchandise area.

Fuck yea! awesome new record. Where can I get it?

you’ll find all releases, band merch @ our merch castle.

You don’t have to wait to grab your fest merch. Support Brakrock and grab your t – shirts over HERE

Get a locker over HERE (Link available soon)

Releases - 10y of Brakrock

Brakrock is celebrating its 10y anniversary in 2021. It’s the perfect occasion to bring our favourite bands in the spotlights by releasing a special compilation ourselves. You can pre – order right now over HERE

Releases - Fat Wreck Chords

Fat Wreck Chords released a Fat Music For Wrecked People in 2017,  2018 and 2019. We’re very excited that they will probably bring another one to Duffel in 2021.  (Design: Sbäm)