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Location & Info

Festival address?

Your point of arrival is STATIONSSTRAAT 40 in the town of DUFFEL. It’s the area nearby the railway station of Duffel. From there it’s a 5 minute walk to the festival. It’s also the point of departure for the shuttle service to the camping. Please hit THIS link if you want to know everything about our CAMPING.

What about Parking?

We advise to park the car at the railway station of Duffel. (Stationsstraat 40b / Duffel 2570).  It’s free of charge.

Please hit THIS link if you want to know everything about our CAMPING.

****. I can't find the festival entrance!

The gateway to Brakrock is the railway station of Duffel (Stationsstraat 40). Please have a look around and you’ll see one of the many road signs.

First you need to follow the rail – trail leading to Mechelen. Head to the left. right before crossing the railway bridge over the river. Then follow the dike – trail to Duffel. All together it will take you 10 minutes.

How to get there by bike or longboard?

Longboard/bike: the festival area is located nearby a bicycle road (F1)that runs from Antwerp to Brussels. The railway station of Duffel is right on this track. More info could be found HERE

How do I get there by train?

Train: Rail to the festival! It’s super easy. There’s a direct train connection from Brussels and Antwerp every half hour.  Last train on Friday to Antwerp or Mechelen/Brussels rails at 0:33am.  Last train on Saturday to Antwerp and  Mechelen/Brussels rails at o:28am.  Plan your journey HERE

How do I get there by coach?

There’s a bus stop nearby the railway station. Plan your journey HERE

How to get there by plane?

The closest airport is “Brussels Airport” in Zaventem with good train connections to Brakrock. The train station is located directly under the departures and arrivals halls, at level -1. It will take you 30 minutes. Plan your journey HERE

“Brussels South Charleroi Airport” in Charleroi is another option. Ryanair flies frequently to and from this airport. There are also good coach and train connections but it will take a bit longer to get at the festival. Plan your journey HERE

Is there a shuttle service?

Free shuttle service from and to the camping area during the opening hours of the festival. Point of departure is in front of the railway station (Stationsstraat 40).

There is no shuttle from station to festival because of the short walk. (10 minutes)


The box office is situated at the festival entrance and is open during the opening hours of the festival. 


We’re living in “modern” times! There are several cashpoints close by the festival or Bancontact  service available at the festival site.

There will be Bancontact available at the entrance and at the tokens sale point.

When can you get in for free?

No entrance for children > 7 years.

Children up to 12 years old get in for free if wearing hear protection & accompanied by an adult.

Full ticket fee for children from 13y – 16y, but they need to be accompanied by an adult.

Work as a volunteer at the festival. Hit THIS link for more info.


We love animals. So don’t bring them to the festival.

Special Assistance & First Aid service ?

Hit us up HERE if you need special assistance (questions about accessibility for wheelchairs, health issues,…). We’ll make a plan to make your visit easy going.

Red Cross will take care of you. In case of sunshine, please bring sunscreen with you. Provide yourself with good shoes and rain wear in case of bad weather.

Are there luggage lockers?

Yes! There are lockers at the Merch castle. Please hire a locker at the box office.

Will I swim in a sea of drinking cups?

Nope! Because of the food tray deposit system and reusable drinking cups with holder you will discover a clean festival.

The reusable drinking cups with holder are totally yours. Use them at all our shows & future festival editions.

The first drinking cup is for free if you’re owner of a festival combiticket.

Reusable drinking cups and food trays... how does it work?

Food tray deposit system:

  1. Give an extra token as deposit.
  2. Bring the food tray to the washing point to get your token back.

Drinking cup system

  1. You’ll get a free drinking cup with holder if you have a combi ticket.
  2. Otherwise you’ll need to pay for a drinking cup.
  3. Give the empty drinking cup to the bar staff in order to get your drink.
  4. Buy a new one if you’ve lost the original one.

Should I bring my swimming pants?

Please don’t swim in the river Nete and the brook surrounding the castle ruin. Fair chance you’ll meet with snapping turtles and Catfishes.

Do's and Donuts

Brakrock Ecofest takes place in an awesome setting, with lots of amazing bands and people…and we like to keep it that way. Each from of discrimination and violence will be strongly condemned.  There’s no place for racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism or any other uncool behavior at our festival! But of course you knew that already, didn’t you

No ticket refunds. Changes to the programme are no reason for a full or partial refund of the festival ticket. The organiser accepts no responsibility in the case of events beyond its control.

Bringing professional photographic, film or recording equipment, alcoholic drinks, glass, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, weapons or sharp objects onto the festival site is prohibited. Also, for reasons of safety, you may not bring seating, folding chairs or similar with you. If you do they may be confiscated by security. Starting fires is strictly prohibited.

I'm too lazy to read this. I want a map!

Can I pre - order my locker?

Yes. You can! You just need to hit the link below.

Can I bring my own drinks with me?

Brakrock is only possible because y’all like our food & drinks!  Bringing your own soda’s and alcoholic drinks is not a cool thing to do.

BUT you can bring drinking water with you.  But be sure it’s not  wrapped in disposable plastic.