Joey Cape

🍷🍷🍷 Let’s cling to life! Joey Cape will play Brakrock 2019 on SAT 03/08.

After 23 years of fronting Punk Rock band Lagwagon, Joey Cape is drawn to diversity. His compulsion to try new things is evident in the side-projects he’s done along the way: the experimental indie-rock of *Bad Astronaut* , all-star party/cover band Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and, of course his solo acoustic work!

Cape’s acoustic efforts stand up on their own and finally introduce him as a promising addition to the pantheon of great American singer-songwriters.

“Both (punk and acoustic music) share certain intensity and integrity. Dynamically, they are very different…but they are similar in that they are both very honest approaches.”

“I am a musician, I don’t have that gang-mentality. I make music and life is short. I want to create as much as possible before I lose my muse”